Obstetric Anesthesia Support Project



The Obstetric Anesthesia Support (OAS) Project was established in 2014 as an alternative to OAID for hospitals that only partially met the screening metrics for OAID. Typically, this is intended for hospitals that lacked the necessary administration support. Rather than a 1-week visit by a NPLD-GHI team, the labor ward professionals from these OAS designated hospitals are invited to one of OAID sites during the training week to observe NPLD-GHI  educational activities directly. The visiting Chinese professionals from those OAS participant hospitals take the knowledge acquired during the Seven-Themes sessions back to their own hospitals and implement it locally.


To maximize NPLD-GHI’s impact from the OAID project with limited resources, especially personnel.


The number of annual labor and delivery is less than 5,000 as required in OAID OR the hospitals missed the chances of setting up OAID due to various reasons.


After the screening and signing agreement, a multidisciplinary group of obstetrician, anesthesiologist and labor and delivery nurse each from a designated OAS hospital will be invited to participate at one of the OAID hospitals to observe education activities of NPLD-GHI OAID, including attending debriefing meeting every afternoon during the entire week.


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