Advanced Obstetric Anesthesia 123 Project



Advanced Obstetric Anesthesia 1 + 2 + 3 Project (AOA123) was established as a follow-up program for hospitals that participated in one of the basic obstetric anesthesia projects, OAID, OAS, or PH. The follow-up measures, initiated after 2012, were introduced after observing that some hospitals failed to sustain the agreed upon improved anesthesia protocols. The goal of the AOA123 project is to further promote labor analgesia and vaginal delivery in high-risk patients and to provide additional training in the management of obstetric emergencies emphasizing team-based medicine.

NPLD-GHI AOA123 Site Screening Assessment:

  • Existing 24/7 obstetric anesthesia coverage.
  • Neuraxial labor analgesia rate over 50%
  • Monthly multidisciplinary debriefing meetings including hospital administrators

To participate in the AOA123 program, hospitals first undergo a follow-up assessment to monitor the sustained effects of basic obstetric anesthesia projects. The assessment occurs at least 1 year after one of basic obstetric anesthesia projects. The assessment screens for appropriate allocation of both time and resources and documentation of the site’s commitment to the success of the project.

AOA 123 Contents

One High-Risk Obstetric Anesthesia Clinic/Consultation

Two Emergency Systems

Decreasing Cesarean Delivery Rates in Three High Risk Parturient Population

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