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2013 Weekend Conference in Chongqing
2013 NPLD Conference in Chongqing


No Pain Labor & Delivery focuses on continuing medical education. Since the inception of our program, we have hosted more than 100 provincial and national lectures, with our schedule becoming busier and busier by the year. For example, during the month of August 2011 alone, we have hosted a total of 11 conferences regarding obstetric anesthesia across China. Below are links to some of our lectures. We apologize in advance if some of the lectures are only accessible within China.

The Vision of NPLD-GHI: The Weakest Link in the Translational Medicine, the presentation in Johns Hopkins University on August  18,  and in Stanford University on Jan. 25, 2016


Webinar Series of Modern Labor & Delivery Suites现代产房学堂




MaTI Maternity Training International


The Annual SOAP Meeting (Requires membership access)


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